General Information

Purpose and Mission of the Worship Arts and Technical Ministries

We are people who love to worship! Music is one of the primary ways we worship at First Presbyterian Church, in ways both traditional and contemporary; our worship services keep our worship of God creative, fresh, and active. We believe worship is commanded of us biblically and that is should be active, not passive. Out of our love and worship of God comes every aspect of our Christian walk and service. In other words, we are to live a lifestyle of worship!

Our music ministry consists of vocalists and instrumentalists of various ages and styles who serve as a part of our worship ministries, which include our Chancel Choir, Worship Band, and Technical team.  For more information about anything listed in the Worship Arts Ministry, please contact our Minister of Music - Ryan Dye, 345-3441, or

Chancel Choir

All are welcome to join our Chancel Choir!  The Chancel Choir is our flagship ensemble of the music ministry and a welcoming community of singers who have the desire, interest, and time for weekly devotion, learning, rehearsing, and singing everything from the simple and beautiful to more challenging pieces of choral literature.  The only requirements are the ability to match pitches and a willing heart!

The Chancel Choir rehearses once a week and sings almost every Sunday at the 10:45 a.m. worship service from September through early June.  Along with the standards of traditional and contemporary choral repertoire of composers and arrangers of various styles, the Chancel Choir presents larger works during the major occasions of the church season, including Reformation Sunday, Christmas and Christmas Eve, Lent, Palm/Passion Sunday, Holy Week, Easter, and late-spring worship services.

Worship Band

The Worship Band helps create an atmosphere in which people can encounter and have a relationship with God through music during a worship service.  At First Presbyterian Church the Worship Band is comprised of singers and rhythm section (piano, keys, bass, guitars, cajóns, and drums), that sing/play Sunday mornings at 8:45 AM during our First Light worship service.  We are always looking for players who combine a high level of commitment and skill with a servant’s heart. 

Technical Arts

Technical Arts is one of the fastest growing ministries and serves a vital role of support within the Worship Arts Ministries at First Presbyterian Church.  Our technicians coordinate their schedules to design and operate sound, lighting, projection, and presentation graphics for regular worship services and special events.

From time to time, we need volunteers to serve on an occasional basis—especially for mid-week and special events. The Technical Ministry has a challenging and very interesting mission because of its need to adapt to various services and, presentations, and to changing technologies.

Pipe Organ

In 2008, through generous donations from members of the congregation, we were able to replace our old organ with the one that currently resides In the Sanctuary, a Trillium Masterpiece 968. The Trillium Masterpiece 968 is a 3-manual drawknob organ featuring 100 engraved stops (all new samples from famous European organs) plus 58 Voice Palette voices; a floating Solo Division; 3 expression shoes; combination action with 10 generals, 24 divisionals, and 6 memory levels; console clock; programmable crescendo; LED expression indicators; lighted pistons; reinforced velocity-sensitive keyboards; programmable audio maps and tremulants; extensive voicing capabilities; MIDI capabilities; organist's memory card and card reader; bass coupler; melody from swell coupler; lift-lid storage bench; and 8 bi-amplified audio channels and external speakers.