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06-11     Sermon - "Myth Perceptions: The Word of the Lord"     Special Music - "For the Fruit of All Creation" by M. Albrecht

06-04     Sermon - "Theater of God's Glory"    Anthems - "Doxology for a New Day"     "How Great Thou Art"

05-28     Sermon - "We Need Less Jesus"    Special Music - "As the Wing Song" by S. Lim

05-21     Sermon - "It Matters"     Anthem - "Make A Joyful Noise" by S. Eltringham

05-14     Sermon - "All God's People"     Prayer of Illumination/First reading - G. Arnett

05-07     Youth Sunday     Sermons - A. Ingalls (begining audio low), J. Marshall, I. Muir, N. Brumbaugh     Readings - G. Davis, B. Gaffney, A. Wood    Affirmation of Faith - A. Gaffney     Music - "Overture from Parita," M. Garner, A. Garner"Ballad in Blue,"  J. Marshall

04-30     Sermon - "Overwhelmed"     Anthem - "Living Water" by L. Larson

04-23     Sermon - "The Gospel According to Luke (Skywalker)"     Anthem - "Ride On, King Jesus" arr. S. Rogers     Offertory - "How Great Thou Art"  arr. K. McChesney (Bell Choir Dir. by Annette Matlock)

04-16     Easter Sunday     Sermon - "We Encounter the Empty Tomb"     Anthem - "The Day of Resurrection" - by M. McDOnald

04-14     Good Friday     Anthem - "Forsaken" - by D. Forrest, cello - M. Eardley, flute - M. Whitaker

04-09     Sermon - "Have We Arrived?" - Sixth in the Series     Anthem - "We Believe" - by D. Forrest

04-02     Sermon - "What Do We Bring"  - Fifth in the Series     Anthem - "Lacrimosa" by W. A. Mozart

03-26     Sermon - "Where Are We Going" - Fourth in the Series     Anthem - "Lenten Meditation" by D. Wagner

03-19     Sermon - "Unlikely Companions: Who Do We Travel With?" - Third in the Series     Anthem - "Ave Verum Corpus" by W. Mozart

03-12     Sermon - "What Do We Leave Behind?" - Second in the series     Anthem - "O Master, Let Me Walk With Thee" By McChesney, performed by the FPC Handbell Choir.

03-05     Sermon - "Who Do We Leave Behind?" - First in the series, "Hitchhiking With Jesus"

03-01     Ash Wednesday Homily - "Divided Selves; Divided Community; Embracing Death to Find Life"