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03-18     Sermon - "A Sign Unto You: Idols"     Anthem - "Through All the World Below" arr. R. Lehman     Offertory - "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross" by L. Mason, performed by the FPC Bell Choir

03-11     Sermon - "A Sign Unto You: The Bible"     Anthem - "Come, Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy" by R. Turner

03-04     Sermon - "A Sign Unto You: The Table"     Anthem - "Thy Feast of Love" by R. Shephard     Choral Introit - "Listen to God" by JB LeDoux, fea. the Logos Choir     Offertory - "As the Deer" by M. Nystrom, performed by the FPC Bell Choir

02-25     Sermon - "A Sign unto You: The Font"     Anthem - "One Faith, One Hope, One Lord" by C. Courtney

02-18     Sermon - "A Sign Unto You: The Cross"     Anthem - "Offertory" - by J.N. Beck

02-11     Sermon - "...I got nuthin'..."     Anthem - "Christ, Upon the Mountain Stands" - by R. Lehman

02-04    Sermon - "It's Not About Me"     Anthem - "O God of Mercy" - by S. Lole

01-28     Sermon - "A Prophet Like You"     Anthem - "Consider" by R. Martin

01-21     Sermon - "Contagious Grace"     Anthem - "Rejoice Ye Shining Worlds on High" - by W. Billings     Special Music - "Simple  Gifts" a Shaker Tune, fea. the FPC Handbell Choir

01-14     Sermon - "Offering Our Whole Selves"     Anthem - "I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say" - by L. Larson

01-07     Sermon - "Into What Are We Baptized?"     Anthem - "God of Mercy, God of Grace" - by J. Davidson