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Introduction to FPC Structure

First Presbyterian Church, Boise is a member of the Presbyterian Church, USA. This is one of the more progressive, mainline denominations in America.  In Boise, we think of ourselves as the middle ground church of the PCUSA that intentionally makes space for people regardless of labels. We are not here to tell you ours is the only way. We are here to welcome you, invite you to participate, and help you find a faith home - whether or not that calling lies within our walls. 


Our church is governed by a group of elders (a title which is not tied to age) serving on a board called the Session. Congregational care is overseen by our hardworking deacons. We inherit a tradition of democratic governance from the Reformation by way of Scotland.  In practical application, this means we make a lot of decisions by committees of volunteers. It is vital that people feel engaged and empowered within the church. We are, after all, the body of Christ. We recognize that a community must have buy in from its members if its going to maintain itself and reach out to others. 


This section of the website strives to provide you with a basic understanding of; 1) the governing groups in our church,  2) what each group is responsible for, and 3) how you might reach out to people who can address your questions or concerns. Please bear in mind that the church is more than its leadership. There are many programs ran by dedicated members of our congregation which are not covered here. We only seek to provide transparency into our governance and points of contact. If you can't find the information you're looking for, let us know by reaching out to

Session Committees

Operations Committee   

The Operations Committee is charged to make all that ministry and mission happen. In care for our building as a mission center, we provide space both for our own ministry and the ministry of partner organizations. We see good financial stewardship of our budget, trusts, and endowment for the work of God’s Kingdom, and we oversee the calling and support of leaders both in ordered ministry and staff so that we can worship, nurture, and reach out in good news to our community in ever larger and deeper ways of grace.

Operations Sub-Committees: Administration, Facilities, Personnel, and Ed Low.

Nurture Committee         

The Nurture Committee provides for the growth of our community and each individual disciple within it.  Through hospitality and fellowship we create and foster a sense of belonging as members of this community. In conjunction with the deacons we provide for care in times of need to maintain that belonging beyond the walls of the church. And in inter-generational and age-specific ways we provide for the education and formation of Christ’s disciples for the life of faith in the world.

Worship & Fine Arts Committee         

The Worship Committee sees to the provision of a space in time and place for the gathering around God’s words and Word in praise, prayers, and wrestling for how to make our worship of God extend into all of our lives. The Worship Committee also seeks to celebrate God through the arts in music, media, and any means God challenges us to share good news both within and outside the walls of First Presbyterian Church, Boise.

Mission Committee       

The Mission Committee charges the congregation to remember our responsibility to love and care for our neighbor as ourselves, and “that neighbor” is a term only limited by our imagination. In partnership we seek to address issues of need and advocacy of those in need around the corner in the larger community of Boise, and around the world through God’s creation. We are those formed in discipleship to be sent in love to transform the world through God’s grace.

Nominating Committee

Ordered ministry in the Presbyterian Church includes Teaching Elders (your pastors), Ruling Elders (the session), and Deacons.  Every year your nominating committee discerns those God is calling to leadership as Ruling Elders or Deacons. 

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